The Louisiana Delta Radio Club has agreed to provide support to the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. What is ARES you ask? Well ARES is a part of the ARRL that provides Emergency Communication and Auxiliary Communications to Served Agencies in Northeast Louisiana (Region 8). All of our repeaters are listed as emergency repeaters in our organization and support Agencies such as, GOHSEP, our Parish Homeland Security officials, CERT originations, the American Red Cross, Fire, Rescue, Law Enforcement, you get the picture. We have the ability to be extremely portable and easily deployable since we practice doing just that. Making communications happen when no other form of communications exists. All of our equipment is owned by our organization, or owned by individuals.

We also provide services to the National weather service as Skywarn Volunteers. Our Trained Spotter network uses the 147.135 repeater as the primary repeater to provide communications to our Amateur Radio Trained Weather Spotters. This information is collected by our Net Control Station and relayed to the National weather service. The information is then used to assist them in producing life saving weather warnings for the Region 8 area. We also use the 145.230 for weather systems in the Union Parish area, 146.700 for Richland parish South and East.

The LDRC IS a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Corporation