Repeaters and Equipment

On Air Repeaters

Analog (AMS):

147.135 + offset 127.3 Located in West Monroe, La.  The 135 is a Motorola MTR 3000 Analog Mode only repeater.   It is Located in Southwest Ouachita Parish close to the Jackson/Caldwell parish lines.  The antenna is a DB-224 about 450 feet AGL fed with 1 5/8″ Heliax.   This site also has a dedicated 70cm antenna for our linking repeater that we are currently working on.

145.23 + offset 127.3 PL Tone/System Fusion  Farmerville, La .  The 23 is located close to Walmart on the Union Parish Sheriff’s office tower. and is running a Yaesu DR-X2 System Fusion Repeater in Auto mode on the Receive.  It will be linked to the 147.135 repeater in the future. The antenna is a DB-224 up about 160′ AGL fed with 7/8″ Heliax

The 146.700 (+) Pl 127.3  Winnsboro repeater.  The community of Winnsboro once again has a local coverage repeater.   The antenna is currently  mounted on the South West side of the downtown water tank.  The coverage will be impressive… It should cover an area from Rayville, to Natchez up to most of Ouachita Parish.  The repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X and will have Digital capabilities.


444.700 + Offset This is a Yaesu Fusion DR-2X Repeater with a 24/x link into the dwarn system (  This system links repeaters throughout the state.  This repeater is Digital mode only on the Fusion Wires-X network.


LDRC Currently has ownership of 4 APRS Sites… 

W5KGT-1 Digi is located in Calhoun Louisiana up about 100′ the Radio is a Motorola M1225 and the controller is a Microsat PLXDigi 

KC5DR-1 is an iGate up about 35′ AGL located in West Monroe.   Also a Motorola M1225 about 40′ up at the Region 8 EOC currently.  The Controller is a Microsat WX3N1 Igate

Lastly the KQ5T-5 is on historic Wyle Tower on the Louisiana Tech campus.  Up on top of the communications bunker, it has a huge footprint.   It is comprised of a M1225 and a WX3N1 Igate by Microsat.

We also assist in the WINN (Winnfield) digi.. and it is also a WX3N1 Digi with a Motorola M1225.

Total coverage includes the I-20 corridor from just west of Ruston to just East of Monroe.  Down to almost Alexandria.. We are working now to fill in gaps in Winnsboro (South East) Holly Ridge (in between Monroe and Vicksburg)  And StFran at the St Francis hospital Downtown Monroe


Rapid Deploy Communications Asset— Our new communications trailer — Page coming soon.

W5KGT Portable Tower.  This system incorporates a 100′ tower, a 70cm and 2m repeater, hf antennas and other equipment for linking and APRS.  This tower isn’t owned by the club, however; we have invested a substantial amount in the equipment.

The LDRC IS a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Corporation